Sunday, January 22, 2012

Every Day I [Should] Give God Thanks

"Every day God keeps me breathing for just a little while longer, hence I need to figure out what we should do to thank God every day."

I believe in each letter, syllable, and the individual words written above.  More importantly I believe in the meaning of this sentence when these words are juxtaposed just right.  But perhaps my belief in the sentence is different than yours...Take a look below...

"Every day God keeps me breathing..." 
  • WHO is God?  To me God (not a woman, not a woman, not a human - simply a "being") is the Being who gives life, emotion, intelligence, treasure and talent.   Who works through every human being on this earth.  I saw God gifts work when the staff at Children's  Hospital took my baby who was barely breathing and brought him back from the brink of death.  When they saw me holding back tears & said "it's okay, you can cry, you can be sad".  
"...I need to figure out what we should do to thank God every day."
  • Sounds simple, but it isn't really.  It's like buying a gift for your grown children.  I mean really, once they are grown and established, they don't really need anything, and whatever they want, they can usually buy it on their own (and if they can't afford it, I probably can't afford it either - but I digress)... So really... I believe I should do something to thank God every day.  That said, some days that amounts to caring for my 16 year old dog; some days that means I listen to friends and co-workers when I don't really want to; some days that means I forgo what I want to buy to give money to a charity;  some days it means I don't argue with my S.O. (Significant Other) over dumb crap even though I am in a crappy mood; some days it means I spend time in silence intent on hearing God's word, God's plan.  Some days it means I use the talent & treasure God gave me to glorify him--- not in the halls of a religious building, not with the written or spoken words of religion, but with the actions that I know in my heart God would want me to take - even though those actions are not so popular.  I don't do any of these things often enough... Perhaps on this day, I will resolve to be better because while I'm a work in progress, I think I could progress a little quicker.