Friday, July 13, 2012

A House vs. A Home

So apparently I didn't know the difference between "light coffee" and "light yellow"... cause my walls upstairs are light yellow & I could have sworn that little swatch was a light coffee color.  Surprisingly enough, it is pretty.  Not too bold, but not pastel either... it is just right.  This shower curtain never looked this pretty when it was hanging in my master bath!

Isn't it funny how when put in a different light the same item can look different.  I think that goes for situations as well.  Take this whole fire thing... Originally I thought I was going to have a short (but complete) nervous breakdown from the stress of getting the house put back together, not to mention paying the un-budgeted deductible.  When I looked around I could see "messes" every where.  I stressed about the clothes that the cleaners took - leaving me with my work out clothes and business dress clothes; leaving Don with simply 2 work outfits!; leaving us with no towels or washcloths, etc.  There was soot every where & drywall dust.  It stunk like a chimney!   And I was so tired of saying "I'm so sorry that there is noise in the background.  I'm having some work done on my home"!  It didn't look or feel like the house was ever going to be put back together... It looked and felt like a disaster!

Yet, here I am 2 months after the fire and the house looks wonderful.  Freshly painted walls, new plush carpet, new appliances & new hardwood floors... Plus even the ducts were cleaned out (I would have NEVER paid to have that done!).

While the construction was going on, this place was still a house, but it definitely was not a home!  Now when I walk in, I see a home. 

The house is relaxing again. It is my sanctuary.

This is again the place where memories were made and will continue to be made.  The walls will get marred (hopefully one day by "little hands"); the beautiful hardwood floors will get scratched from dogs, furniture & simply life; the beautiful stainless steel appliances will get covered with grease from the frying of fish; the oven interior will be stained from the lasagna that boiled over - or the cake that overflowed because I thought "It won't rise THAT much" lol; and the dust will come back...  Life will occur in this house.  Living will occur in this house.  And that is good - very good.

The light has changed in the past 2 months... And while I always said I wanted a "home" rather than a house, these past two months have accentuated that feeling!  The light has changed.  A HOME is critical to my happiness, to my peace of mind, to my ability to relax.  I will no longer take these walls for granted, because I have had a glimpse of what it would be like to have only a house, but not a home & I didn't like what I saw. 

This home... Our home... Don, the kids, the grand kids & me... Our home is important for all of us & I will treasure it more now that I ever did before!