Saturday, October 6, 2012

Name Change

I was writing a check this morning and looked at my signature.  I have had my last name more than half my life.  I have had this name ever since I was an adult. 
This name.
The name that belongs to my sons.
"We are.... and we do not act like that", I would remind my sons at least a thousand times through their adolescence.   Even though my marriage had ended, the name was important... it linked me to my adulthood and linked my boys to their dad and his family. 
In less than one year, for the first time in more than two and a half decades, my name will change.  For the first time, my sir name will be different than my sons' name.  And with the name change will come a change in my life. 

I will no longer identify myself as "divorced"... "Married" will be my new pick when filling out forms.

I will be some one's wife.  And while by no means is that bad, it is strangely surreal to me at this moment.  I will be part of a union ... the Mrs. in the "Mr. & Mrs."

Surreal.  Just surreal...