Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Dress, My Life & My Alterations!

My dress is in. 


Next step: Alterations - and lots of them! Yes, this dress has to be altered to fit just right.  Nips here, tucks there, raising the hemline, creating the bustle.  

I have at least 20 more pounds to loose before getting the first alterations so I won't be starting that process  until at least June (the end of June, according to - LOL).  

I don't want the look of the dress to change, I just want it to fit me perfectly and for that to happen alterations must be made.  Kind of like my life...

I like my life.  I don't really want it to change, but I know it will be a better fit for me & for us with some alterations.  Nipping the "divorced" category from my life and tucking in "married" is what I now want - what I am ready for today that I wasn't ready for before.  Sealing our current status with a blessing & a prayer (& a piece of paper) is what I now want.

Together we can hem up the issues of our lives.  We can pull into a bustle up all those things too big to put in a hem. 

We will still have issues - after all what is life without a few issues to make it interesting? :-)  But they will be contained and dealt with rather than flying all over the place and tripping me up.  And it is easier to deal with issues when you are not dealing with them alone.  Two heads are better than one... 

Alterations ...

Going from Ms. to "Mrs."

Going from Divorced to "Married"

Going to "Mom of 3" to "Mom of 4" (no "steps" in my world)

Going from mine to "ours"

Going from baked fish to fried fish

Going from "crazy Catholics" to "hmmm... maybe there is something to this..."

Going from "I don't do church" to "sure, I'll come with you"

Going from lonely to "me time"

Going from caring for "me & mine" to caring for "us & ours"

Going from painting any color I want to listening to another's opinion and not cringing when walls AND ceiling was painted blue

Going from no hot stuff in any of the food to hot stuff in some of the food