Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tick Tock!

It is 6 days away.  

My to-do list has become big enough to fit on a post it.  :-).  And I can breathe!

The jeans in my closet that would only go as far as the top of my knees when I tried to get into them 18 months ago, now not only fit, but they are roomy!  And I can breathe!

My sons purchased their tickets to be here before Friday so I will be able to spend a little time with them!  And I can breathe!

A wonderful woman from church is standing in for D's mom, who can't attend, so he will have someone special to dance with!  And I can breathe!

My sister in law assures me my wonderful, two left foot brother, has learned the basic dance steps & won't step on my feet or dress!  And I can breathe!

Directions have been re-sent to my HRSJ family (some are direction-challenged - LOL).  And I can breathe!

I found my divorce decree so we can apply for a marriage license!  And I can breathe!

I decided to wear thick socks (yup) to ensure my shoes fit (no one will see the shoes or my feet!)!  And I can breathe!

I finalized the songs - Pachelbel's Cannon in D and the traditional wedding march.  And I can breathe!

I wanted Fr. Josh to be part of this day & he will be - as the emcee for the reception - a place of prominence and no Church rules broken!  And I can breathe!

I have something old (my pearls), something new (my dress), and something blue (a beautiful anklet) - so I only need to find something borrowed - which I'm sure won't be difficult.  And I can breathe!

Lately I wake for mass on Sunday & D is getting ready right besides me... he's becoming more and more comfortable with our HRSJ family.  I am blessed!  He is blessed!  And I can breathe!

And every day I thank God that I took the leap of faith to travel this road; & I thank Him for giving me all the supportive friends who helped me move forward even when I wanted to turn back because of my fear of the unknown.  

And now I Can Breathe!