Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ahhh...Vacation! Hmmm....Vacation? And...I'm Melting :-)

On vacation we went...

I wasn't sure what to expect. 
We'd certainly been away for a day or so together before, but never for more than that--- never with the express notion of "being on vacation".  So, the fact that we were on vacation was a big thing. 

Forget about the destination..."Being on vacation" means different things to different people.  To me, it means...
  • sleeping in ---in a king size bed with soft sheets. 
  • Getting up in the morning & just lazying around for a while with my coffee.
  • Taking a long hot shower - while the room is cool, so when I get out the cool air hits my skin!
  • Brunch in a nice restaurant--- not worrying about the cost of every single thing--- and not worrying about the calories of every single thing that goes into my mouth.
  • Sitting on a park bench, watching the world go by... admiring the differences in sights from my normal day.
  • Visiting places or things that I have never seen before - or that I did see before & am dying to take you to because I just want you to see what I see.  (This is such a dangerous thought when you are engaged to oil and you are water! LOL)
I wasn't sure what "being on vacation" meant to him... But I was about to find out.

Well! It turns out that other than "sleeping in" - (he gets up before the chickens--- before the roosters!!!  EVERY DAY!), "being on vacation" meant doing what I wanted to do - no questions asked (wow!).  It meant...
  • not being upset every time we hit a bump in the planning road. 
  • going into museums and letting his guard down so he could enjoy the displays... not focused on race, gender, the economics of the artist - or the moment... preconceived notions were left at the door so that when he saw beauty, he could actually see it!  And appreciate it!  And now he is hungering for it!  Longing to see the miracle of "simple" blown glass formed into something that beckons your head to turn in it's direction;  to see artifacts from people who lived so long ago; to hear the majesty of history & determination by humans to come back from disasters even stronger; to know the hope that they certainly "should not" have had - yet they did.    
  • getting into the hot tub that was overflowing with chlorine "just to see" if it would soothe our aching muscles
  • swimming - because it is the exercise I can do that doesn't make my back scream with pain
  • giving me a kiss even when I have 'coffee breath"
  • It meant not worrying about every cent - not going overboard --- simply appreciating our good fortune to be able to get away.
Little did I know that this vacation was his gift to me...
"Don't you want to ...?" I'd ask;
"We always do what I want to do, let's do what you want to do." he'd reply. 
At that very moment, all my cares melted, all my fears about becoming a "wife" and he becoming a "husband" melted away... because loving someone gives you a warm feeling inside, but being loved & appreciated by that someone makes your insides melt. 
And... I'm melting... :-)