Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wedding Venues... the Planning Begins!

So we have started looking at venues to have our reception (and maybe wedding - who knows). 

We've seen an old mansion in Delaware called Andrews House.  The hard wood floors, the fireplace, and the beautiful staircase were all things that caught my eye.  And because it is used as a place to care for those in need during the week, I felt good about supporting such a wonderful and important mission.  Yet, when we went in, it was beautiful, but obvious that it would not meet our needs.

We've driven around and looked at places like Ohio Wesleyan.  The outside is gorgeous - the pictures would be great.  But we haven't seen the inside yet. 

While getting my hair done, I pondered the Columbus Museum of Art, but quickly gave up when I saw that space rental ranged from $1,000 to $4,000 (yup - four thousand dollars!!!!) for an evening affair.  I've thought of the Columbus Downtown Library--- but not only is that a bit too "Sex in the City-ish", it is probably outside of my budget as well.

I looked at Franklin Park Conservatory in a magazine - and it looks wonderful - but I suspect out of my price range --- but I'm going to check anyway. 

I've thought about the room under the theatre at St. Charles...  It was a pretty room, as I recall and the pictures would be wonderful!

Last week we looked at the Council for Older Adults here in Delaware.  And I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the room was - and how informative the event director was.  And again, our money going to help a worthy cause makes me feel warm inside.

The last place I looked at (so far) was Brookshire.  Haven't been inside yet... Just looked at the web site. 

I continue to look at venues... and I'm starting to form a picture in my head of this day...

Arriving at HRSJ

Walking down this aisle

Hopefully it will start this way.... we Catholics are the "church of rules" I know - so while I am hoping this will be the aisle, I know it might not be because sometimes our beloved church is on an isle of her own.

No matter the beginning, the reception tables will be draped in white linen...a cobalt blue table runner will call hold a floating candle and gifts for our guests.

Our guests will arrive to a warm and inviting space.  Casual yet elegant.  Inviting.  No bling.  Music from our world - R&B, Jazz, Line Dancing Music.  Aromas of the delicious meal to come will waft through the air.    

The sounds of happiness, joy, peace & laughter will fill the air.  Lots of "how are yous" & "hmmm good food" and probably some "lord have mercy, I thought we'd never get here!" will be said.  

And when all is said & done, Don & I will look around at our family & friends.  We'll see them having a good time... And we will say "Yup, it was worth it". 

That's my vision... Two people destined to be together.  Two people with friends and family supporting their every step.  Two people who are declaring their love before God and all.  Two people wanting to say "Thank You" to our loved ones with a party.  A party that is casual, elegant, inviting. 

And at the end of the night... two people who will look at one another and say "Yup!  It WAS worth it!"