Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More NOPEs than CHECKs

Electric redone and house safe - CHECK
Refrigerator chosen and purchased - CHECK
Stove chosen - NOPE :-(
Dishwasher chosen NOPE :-(
Televisions chosen NOPE :-(
Home Theatre System chose - CHECK; Purchased - NOPE :-(
DVD Player chosen - NOPE :-(  Do they even make simple DVD players anymore????
Pencil Sharpener - Just need to get to the store
Beds - That's going to take a while :-(
Pillows - Ordered
Carpet chosen - NOPE
Wall color chosen - NOPE
Carpentry eve started - NOPE!!!!!

The list goes on and on... And I continue to have more NOPEs than CHECKs...

So the reason we had a fire in the house was to teach us patience--- I'm failing that lesson!