Sunday, May 27, 2012

12 Pounds Gone, 23 More Pounds to Go!

I'm still waiting for the weight to drop off...

I started this diet on March 20 --- that's 10 weeks ago.  I've lost 12 pounds so far.  Which is not as much as I wanted, but not bad either.  I'm a third of the way to my goal of  35 pounds by the time I get on that cruise ship in November.  At 35 pounds less than I was on March 20, I will still be a plus size - but I will be a smaller plus size.  I will still have another 35 (or preferably 50) to go before the wedding, but I'll cross that scale when I get to it. 

So far, I can't really see the difference - except on the scale.  But, since the fire, I only have a few clothes & most of which are stretchy - so I can't feel a difference.  However, I was more comfortable on the plane the last time I flew.  It might be all in my head - 12 pounds probably didn't change the width of my hips!  But, I'm going to let it stay in my head - it's good for my ego.

One of the things I should do, but haven't, is exercise consistently.  Logically, I know that sitting on my butt all day long only contributes to my big hips & thighs, but let's be honest - I HATE EXERCISING!  I keep trying it, thinking that some day I will like it, but I haven't found that day yet.  I try to think about the 'runners high' and think to myself - if I could just experience that 'high', I would love exercising.  Ha! Take a look at the "runners high" description below from

The runner's high is a state of euphoria that is experienced by not only runners, but by anyone engaged in a vigorous workout.  Boxers and bikers have reported similar states of being, as have weight lifters, cross country skiers and rugby players.

The high itself is variously described as a feeling of well-being, to being one with the world or to a total out of body experience. It is typically related to longer periods of vigorous exercise rather than shorter, easier workouts, possibly due to the stress the body undergoes as the major muscle groups begin to run short on glucose. The experience of the high also seems to rely on the individual makeup of the runners themselves, with some experiencing it at 5 miles, while others must run 20 before the euphoric feelings kick in.

Just so all is clear, I am never going to run 5 MILES, not to mention 20!  I am never going to be a boxer  - which, by the way isn't a sport, it's just angry people acting a fool; a weight lifter - the only thing I want to lift at this point in my life are grand children; a cross country skier - I hate the cold as much as I hate exercising; or a rugby player - because according to the rugby blog, this is a 'full contact' sport - which means hitting and tackling - and if someone hits me, I will not handle it well.

So, how oh how am I going to loose weight?  I know it is possible because #1 - I did it before; and #2 - I can scientifically prove:
 fewer calories + increased metabolism (i.e. more exercise) = weight loss.

So, I guess I will have to eat fewer calories AND exercise consistently - UGH! 

I will pat myself on the back and say that I have mastered the fewer calories part of the equation.  Now I have to master the more exercise part.  And that means walking!  Boring - but apparently critical to my success. 

I'll start at 20 minutes a day and build up to 60 minutes a day.  That isn't going to burn a ton of calories - but it is better than nothing...and the diet plan I am following actually suggests I start with 15 minutes a day (guess they are concerned that more than 15 minutes might cause us non-exercisers/couch potatoes to have a heart attach - LOL).  So as long as I keep my calorie intake low, I will still loose weight. 


The cruise is 24 weeks away...

Keeping up my current pace, I'm on target to lose 35 pounds, (or more!) by November 10!

Wish me luck!!!! I'm going to need it!