Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Act Like A Baby

I was offered a new opportunity today & instead of leaping at it, I second guessed myself.  "I can't take that on", I thought.  Now looking back, I see that my attitude was defeatist.  Time has taught me that the more I doubt myself, the more afraid I become of the unknown.  But it really shouldn't be that way... 

Look at any baby learning to crawl or  walk. and no matter how many times they "fail" they always try again... Look at any toddler determined to figure out those 'child proof' locks. Given enough time, we usually determine that 'child proof' isn't really meant to keep children out - since the toddler just opened your cabinet and took out all the pots and pans!  Babies and toddlers are optimistic about almost every thing!

The rest of us 'learned' grownups should take a hint from the short people in our lives and pursue the impossible.  Every day! 

After all, babies don't know that they "can't" do something,  They believe they can do anything! 

What freedom there must be in believing so fully in yourself that you can follow your heart.   Contentment with life would probably move up a category or two to JOY with life!

So OK, I've decided I am going to act like a baby!